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Da Lio & Environment

The company is certified:
- UNI-EN-ISO 14001 (S2).

Environment policy:

The environmental protection is fully supported by Da Lio and it is ensured by the company organization that aimed to the prevention of pollution and preservation of environment.
Da Lio undertakes to follow the continuous improvement strategy and do its utmost to play down the negative enviromental impact.

Da Lio acts in the people and environement respect:
- always according to the environment legislation and restrictions;
- razionalitazion of energy consumption adn raw materials;
- research the best technologies in so far economic resources allows.

The management undertakes to:
- put in action and keep the UNI EN ISO 14001: 2004 requirements;
- assure that the company Environment policy and its mangement system are well understood, put in action and keep by all the employees;
- see that the whole system is strenghening by constant educational and training activities;
- assure that this document is directed to the public and put economic and human resources available for this purpose.

Certificazione Iso 14001

Certification iso 14001

Logo DNV Certificazione ISO 14001