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Quality system

The company is certified:
- UNI-EN-ISO 9001.
- IATF 16949.

The research and quality lab is equipped with:

- Tintometric systems
- Paint cycle simulator booths
- Paint application testing booth
- Spectrophotometer instrument multi-angle
- Colorimeter for the color shades formulation
- Color inspection chamber

The quality lab is equipped to carry out the following tests and trials:

- Adhesion test (one cross-cut instrument is available in each production plant)
- Ageing or blistering test (cycles of dipping in demi- water at controlled temperature)
- Corrosion test and humidistat test (salt-spray chamber)
- Color measuring (colorimeter system and multi-light chamber)
- Paint hardness (by hardness test pencil)
- Gloss level measurement (by glossmeter)
- Thickness measurement (by thickness coating equipment "PIG" and digital thickness gauge for metal/no metal parts)
- Light ageing (by QUV Test machinery)
- Laboratory oven and freezer for thermal shock test
- Stone chipping test machinery.
- Climatic chamber for testing with controlled temperature and humidity
- Wave Scan for measuring the "orange peel" effect on the paint layer
- Dimensional measuring arm with laser scanning

Furthermore we collaborate with external certified laboratories to carry out special tests requested by the Client specifications and to certify the quality product compliance.

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Certification Iso 9001

Certification iso 9001


Certification IATF